Treasure Island


By Richard Lloyd
Directed by Jo Shane
Produced by Emma Muggleton
Musical Director ~ Winton Brangman
Musical Arrangement by James Burn
Choreographer ~ Sophia Cannonier

Avast behind, shipmates! And stand by to go about for the pantomime version of everybody's favourite swashbuckling classic. Treasure Island, The Panto includes all the very best of traditional pantomime ... custard pies, exploding cannon, colourful costumes, and absolutely no opportunity missed to press-gang the audience right into the thick of the seafaring action! And all this played out against the glorious Technicolor backdrop of the high seas, where the heroic derring-do of unfeasibly good looking goodies is pitted against the fiendish skullduggery of unbelievably gruesome baddies. From eye-patches and treasure chests, to poop decks and peg legs!


Mrs Ladd - The DamePhillip Jones
Nancy PolperroIsabella Zuill-Mackenzie
Jim LaddBrian Wedlich
Long John SlitherAlan Brooks
Pink DogJenn Campbell
Blind Puke/Don IguanaTim Stewart
Israel FeetMicah Jimenez
George MerryMax Greig
Squire PolperroStephen Notman
Captain SmellittNicola Flood
Dr. LiversausageReuben Flood
Bertha GunnJennifer Burrell-Jones
PagetDonna Nicholson
PembrokeJoanna Heaney
Sinead O'FlahertyRebecca Singleton
Captain HaddockChristine Whitestone
Billy FishbonesPatrick Dill

Adult ChorusCarol Birch
Stacey Exell
Camryn Heinicke
Sasha Hosier
Erin Jones
Debbie Raat
Caroline Rance
Katarina Rance
Sheila Smith
India Wilson

Children's ChorusImogen Bell
Oliver Cherry
Rebecca Davidson
Ruth Exell
Maya Luthi
Cate McMenamin
Thea McMenamin
Tilly Mortimer
Aquiyei Richardson
Celia Schaper
Elsa Schaper
Alexander Zuill