Stick Fly

Stick Fly
Lydia. R Diamond

February 11th - 13th, & 18th - 20th

The affluent, African-American LeVay family is gathering at their Martha's Vineyard home for the weekend, and brothers Kent and Flip have each brought their respective ladies home to meet the parents for the first time. Tensions flare as race, class and family become prime conversation topics. Then, when a phone call reveals a family secret, everything unravels. By the end of the weekend, lives have been turned upside-down and a family is left to reassemble the pieces.


TAYLOR, daughter from an earlier marriage of renowned public intellectual James Bradley Scott. She was raised by a single-mother college professor. Although she carries his name, and so has had entree to some social privileges, her father was not a part of her life. She also has gone without financially.

KENT, youngest son of the LeVay family. He has grown up with an artistic disposition in a family of doctors and lawyers. Although financially privileged, he has struggled to find his place in life and with his family. He loves Taylor, and though she may not see it, his gentleness is a valuable ingredient in their relationship.

CHERYL, daughter of the family maid. Pretty, bright, always well intentioned, she has always had a crush on Flip.

FLIP, oldest son of the LeVay family. The "golden boy" who, with some compromises, has fallen in line with his father's expectations, He is an incorrigible ladies' man.

DAD, LeVay patriarch. A well - intentioned man who rules his family with a firm, loving hand. He, like Flip, has always had a way with women.

KIMBER, Flip's girlfriend. Kimber is an intelligent woman with a quick wit and a sincere warmth. Unlike Taylor, her social status matches that of the LeVays, with, of course, the undeniable privilege of whiteness. Of this she is away are, on some level, appalled.