Skin Flick

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Skin Flick


" An imaginative and whimsical riot"
"The camera starts rolling and chaos ensues"
" Skin Flick" is an antidote to the dark side of life"

We are delighted to be welcoming back Norm Foster and David Nairn to the island. Daylesford audiences thoroughly enjoyed Norm's play 'On a First Name Basis" (2011) in which he starred with Patricia Van Stone. The production was directed by David Nairn.

This time they are back and they are going to let us play with them!

February 10th to 15th - Norm and David will star alongside a top notch local cast, including Nancy Thompson, Lizzy Hadler and Vince O'Reilly

Tickets available at the Box Office.

Please contact the producer at or 705 9407 to assist with this production. Many departments need your help!

Don't be afraid of the title. This hugely entertaining comedy won't make you blush ... well maybe just a little! It is the story of four innocent people caught in the headlights of making an adult film. The day our protagonist loses his job at a costume outlet, he brings a movie home for his wife to see, so she can write a sample review for a job she is applying for as a film critic. It turns out the job has already been filled and the movie is a porn movie. Their best friend a recently fired cameraman tells them how lucrative those films can be, so they decide to make one and solve everyone's financial problems in one fell swoop...

Playwright and actor Norm Foster
Norm Foster has been the most produced playwright in Canada every year for the past twenty years. His plays receive an average of one hundred and fifty productions annually making him, by far, the most produced playwright in the history of his country. Check out his monumental career at

Director and actor David Nairn
David is excited to be returning to BMDS as the director of this hilarious play. Local audiences may remember his onstage antics when he co-starred with Norm Foster in the BMDS production of Norm's comedic gem The Long Weekend. David also directed On a First Name Basis at Daylesford in 2011. He is currently in his 15th season as the Artistic Director of Theatre Orangeville in Ontario.