Adventures in Pantoland

Adventures In Pantoland - Dec 8 to 17 2016

By Alan P Frayn

Directed by Laura Bardgett

Produced by by Emma Muggleton & Kim Day

Musical Director: Lisa Maule

Musical Arrangement by James Burn

Choreographer: Sophie Whitmore

Have you ever wondered where all the Pantomime characters live when they're not performing in Pantomimes?

The answer is The Land of Make Believe where they play happily waiting for auditions to come around again. But now a nasty witch has cast a spell and they've lost their memories and can't remember which Pantomime they belong too .... Oh no! But wait! Fairy Honeysuckle has come to the rescue and is taking our heroes through six pantomimes to find out where they belong. However an evil witch and her silly sidekick are determined to thwart her plan........ Oh no!

Adventure in Pantoland is a fun filled, old fashioned celebration of Pantomime complete with lots of audience participation, traditional characters and some really bad jokes. Seven different storylines are visited including Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Dick Whittington, Jack and the Beanstalk, Snow White and Cinderella along with the traditional song sheet and silly skit! We even have a Pantomime cow


  • Boy - Kieran Hamilton
  • Girl - Lindsey Frazier
  • Dame - Stephen Notman
  • Witch - Julia Kempe
  • Wizbad - Will Kempe
  • Fairy - Jessii Terra
  • Fool - Shawn Angiers
  • With the voices of Ed Christopher as the Giant and John Ross as the Mirror

Adult Chorus:

  • Jon Brunson
  • Daysha Loppie
  • Heather Conyers
  • Chanika Jones
  • Katarina Rance
  • Caroline Rance
  • Anthony Rocker
  • Lisa Siese
  • Sebastian Stirling
  • Onuri Smith


  • Nicole Anderson
  • Imogen Bell
  • Andira Crichlow
  • Taylor Sousa
  • Olivia Taylor
  • Charlotte Weinstein

Junior Chorus:

  • Kyra Adams
  • Josie Berry
  • Jermaine Blackwell-Smith
  • Olivia Buchanan
  • Alay Burgess-Rocker
  • Brooke Castree
  • Oliver Cherry
  • Evie Hook
  • Billie Rose Kempe
  • Jayden Lambert
  • Khari Simmons
  • Henry Weinstein