All's Well that Ends Well?

All's Well that Ends Well poster

All's Well that Ends Well?

By William Shakespeare
Adapted and directed by Barabara Jones (

All's Well that Ends Well is one of Shakespeare's lesser known comedies and is not often performed in its original form. Barbara Jones has taken the script (which features a female physician so it appealed to her) and has significantly adapted it to create a shorter, more comprehensible show to interest and amuse modern audiences. She has retained the beauty and elegance of Shakespeare's language as well as his typical tricky plots and most of his humour (and has added some that perhaps wasn't there before) to offer you a fun and entertaining caper for a summer evening.

The story sees our young hero, Bertram, newly created Count of Rossillion following the recent death of his father, travelling to the Court of the Queen of France to pay his respects since, lacking any male relatives, he has become her ward. Helena, the daughter of a famous physician, has a crush on Bertram and follows him to the Court where she cures the Queen's (possibly imaginary) illness and wins Bertram for a husband as her reward. Bertram is horrified at being forcibly married and, after declaring that he will be a husband in name only unless Helena fulfills some seemingly impossible conditions, he flees to Florence to fight in the Tuscan Wars where he wins much honour and renown. Helena pursues him and, with the help of a Widow of Florence and her daughter Diana, and of course, a cunning trick, she fulfills Bertram's conditions.

Other plots interweave the main story - the most notable being the ambush of Bertram's companion Parolles by a bunch of soldiers to prove that all is not as Parolles would pretend.

In the final scene, the Queen pays a visit to Rossillion where all the plots unravel and the loose ends come together and All Seems Well that Ends Well - but is it? That is for the audience to decide!


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