A Kiss On The Bottom

A Kiss On The Bottom poster

A Kiss On The Bottom

BMDS presents, A Kiss on the Bottom an all female comedy directed by Nicole Edmunds.

The the award winning work of Welsh playwright Frank Vickery. The play skillfully combines humour, wit and hilarious situations with moments of poignancy and warmth and it all makes for a great night out!

Set in a hospital ward, the three main characters share laughter, tears and secrets.

  • Marlene is larger than life but has a heart of gold. Her unasked-for interference (full of good intentions), in the lives of her fellow patients and her nurse produces moments of hilarity and poignancy.
  • Grace, proud and gentle, now coming to the end of her treatment, is resigned to her fate, but she still manages to surprise!
  • Lucy, lonely since the death of her husband, is timid and deluded. Her son and his wife lead her to believe that she will one day live with them -but is that really their plan?
  • June, the youngest of the patients, is leaving after her tests, yet still Marlene manages to find out something about her that maybe she didn't want made public!
  • Bev is everybody's favourite nurse, cheerful, efficient - and abused by her boyfriend.

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